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  • Paradox R6S will get released soon
  • Paradox PUBG Cheat is Updated & Undetected
  • Cheat works on any OS from Windows 7-10 and on Intel & AMD Processors
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  1. ᴘʜᴀɴᴛᴏᴍ

    Apex Cheat

    Im coding the APEX cheat and im not the Coder for the Rainbow Cheat so it doesnt have to do much with each other
  2. it does have todo with it actually, externals are always stream proof. its not so easy to do it with internals, it would increase detection vectors
  3. no we are undetected and working (not perfect thus the status,)
  4. no we dont sell day keys for security reasons. you can get a week tho
  5. Really nice video man , i enjoyed it alot 🙂 Thank you
  6. please try to download the newest loader version. does it always happen?