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  • Paradox R6S Cheat is out now
  • Intel & AMD Processors supported
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  1. Sharingan

    Apex Cheat

    you guys have released APEX too which just came out recently. Be Honest You arent gona release R6 anytime soon are you ?
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  3. Lol Anyways, Good And Trusted Guy ++ rep. Know him since a long time
  4. yeah ,they said that all the Active subscriptions during the time when Aux went down will be given / Compensated as promised by Paradox.gg . Paradox even posted that they have a list. So i've guess we just have to wait. We've waited 4 months since October its just few more days I guess. Hope we get what was promised. Lets wait and see !
  5. We Havent even got a warning or prior notice that aux gona be gone or merged with paradox. So just to get back to my Aux Peeps back here i started this thread. If you were From Aux, Drop your Discord tags down here ? Along with your Aux username . Peace !
  6. Aye. Sharingan from aux ;) . Need ma Aux bois Here. Add me on Discord : Madara Uchiha#3220 that would be awesome ! Also why dont you have a Marketplace in your threads?
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