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    Apex Video

    The recoil control, is it like an RCS "csgo like" legit looking or just static no recoil?
  2. First of all.. I have been using ALOT of different PUBG pay2cheat providers, and some of them costs over 200$/month.. Also been using private cheats for Counter-Strike in third party leagues such as faceit, ESEA and ESL. And yes I know that's kinda sad. But you would be surprised if you knew how many top players are currently using these cheats, even in big LAN tournaments.. But I'm proud to say that after the first I purchased I was chocked that this cheat is so smooth and the menu settings are so simple but still very customizable. +Fast delivery after a purchase. +Very good support from admins and other helpful users. +Probably one of the best legit looking but still strong aimbot for pubg out there, atleast of all the ones I've tried. Also BIG plus for the recoil control system. +No FPS drops when using the cheat. If you have a weaker PC, buy this cheat.. +Price is awesome, too bad I didn't know about this cheat before I bought the others... +no fake reviews on elitepvpers and other different forums like many other fishy providers, including this forum. -The only thing I'm missing is stream proof with clean SS's. I'm not gonna write so much about the features because you can read them in the main pinned threads. But all of them are perfect and not risky features which will get you banned. So if you are looking for an alternative or thinking about switching provider. Do yourself a favor and switch to paradox, you will not regret it.
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