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  • Paradox R6S Cheat is out now
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  1. Hi, no matter what account you use, there is always a risk. If you don't want to take risks in your main account; its best to create a new Steam Account and use PUBG from there. Don't risk your main account and which account you use cheat, only that account is banned, ur other accounts are safe. No special cheat, Cheat is release with a full/fixed configuration(Aimbot, Esp, Item Esp, Misc ). You just want to use the radar? You can. In-game Paradox Menu then 2D Radar
  2. Hallo, wie ich dir per nachricht sagte. Du benötigt eine BattlEye HWID Spoofer. Manche funktionieren nicht und haben Probleme. Ich habe kein Programm was ich dir empfehlen kann. Ich kümmere mich nur um Paradox und Paradox hat momentan keine Spoofer. Aber du kannst bestimmt in Deutsche Forum(epvp) gute spoofer finden.
  3. If you're sure you checked it, it could just be a coincidence. No reports of such a situation yet(As a public post). You maybe banned manually(Apex) on same day.
  4. I don't know anything about that but it may not be appropriate to share any other cheat sites here. Btw, u can use this programs ; Firstly use CCleaner. This program will delete junk files and fix system errors. Secondly; Delete all %temp% files. Recommended game boost programs ; Gamebooster, Razer Cortex and Gaming Evolved
  5. 2nd post. %60 - 80 smooth, bone/scan head, fov 20 - 30, range 250-400
  6. Penner

    Cheap Vpn Accounts

    Imgur is blocked in some countries(asia and middle east), so i uploaded ur photos it to website for you.
  7. Today is the day of release of R6. Have fun guys ✌️
  8. as you wish. I just playing at the settings(legit) i told you.
  9. you can reduce smoothness but not legit. I think ; % 0-50 Smoothing (rage) % +60 (legit)
  10. Hi gayz, everyone can share their favorite memes here. Keep the memes clean and relevant. Have fun ✌️ --------------------------------------------------------------- Hier könnt ihr Memes mit uns teilen. ✌️ Ok, i first.
  11. of course, my settings are always fair/legit? GL ✌️
  12. No-Recoil works with aimbot, just click it.
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