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  1. so ~20$ would be still 100$ in your country and it doesn't matter where you live. 1$ is 1$.
  2. The cheat wasn't detected since release as far as I know. You'll may receive a 24h ban if you play to obvious (for example 25+ kills).
  3. The Paradox.GG team was so free to give me a sub to write a review. Loader: 10/10 I am of the opinion that many providers exaggerate a little bit concerning the loader. At the end of the day it just has to work and that's exactly what it does here. After I was renamed in the forum, I was able to log into their loader and stream the cheat. Injection runs as usual. Close Steam, start Loader, start Steam + PUBG and go. Still in the time where the game initializes, the hack is completely loaded into the game. ESP: 9/10 For a BR game simply obligatory. And you can't do anything wrong here. You are shown all items, there are options to filter them - even if they are not listed in the I think there're still a few features that need to be improved - like smart loot ESP. The thing I just find nice is that you have the option to place icons yourself can display text for each item. You can walk around in Yasnaya and have every item displayed without having a seizure. Graphical User Interface 9/10: Simple mouse menu, does what it promises. You have the possibility to edit up to 5 configuration files and save them. Only Keybinds for the fast loading are still missing. Otherwise you have the possibility to move the menu freely as well as colors of the players (visible/invisible, skeleton visible/invisible), care packages, vehicles). Alternative GUI colors would be nice, but is not of concern and would not have a positive or negative impact on the rating. I'd like to attract your attention here. Aimbot 9/10: Is a really strong device. You can press everything over - even if you play with low FOV (2-3 with me). In addition, the cheat has a really good prediction, unless Anti Recoil is used in combination with an SR. No matter if the targets are running, camping or even driving, they will be hit. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that there are no Weapon Configs or Keybinds to load the Configs. My Config 1 and 2 are identical, only the first one uses Smooth and Anti Recoil (*), the other one doesn't. (*) Anti Recoil is a kind of RCS like you know it from CSGO. However, this needs to be improved a bit. The idea behind it is not bad, but it fails sometimes. I.e. it can be that you spray on his head but suddenly for whatever reason the aimbot locks on the foot. Therefore I have decreased the FOV and play only partly with Anti Recoil - since I kinda know how the recoil can be handled in that game - so I don't have any problems without playing with recoil comp. If now on the one or other suggestion are dealt with, then the cheat is even more blatant than it already is. One must consider that their released product is still new. And as a dev., things often happen that simply attract the attention of customers or people who test the product. There are still a few little bugs which won't degrade your gameplay but these will be fixed asap they promised. Support 11/10: The team is able to communicate in german as well as in english. Answers come quite fix to instant if they are active in the forum. If you're looking for a really good cheat with great support and don't want to spend two months of your rent for a hack, this is the right place for you!
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