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  1. Xray is not stream proof? OMG
  2. I am using Radeon r9 r90x. No nvidia sorry
  3. When I am not using the cheat, OBS captures the game properly via game capture. When I am using the cheat, it is just black screen.
  4. Yup I did. and it was returning only a blackscreen ?
  5. Hello, I am new on using cheat. I will be grateful if you can answer my questions, this is regarding Apex Cheat btw. 1. OBS can't game capture the game while the cheat is injected. normal game does. 2. Contrast of certain areas inside the game is high. Like for example on the "Click here to continue" page
  6. Thanks for the explanation man! Got it!
  7. Can you tell me what is FOV? I mean I know where to adjust it, what is the meaning of FOV?
  8. Hello, can anybody share a legit settings where someone would less suspect you have the cheat?
  9. I am waiting also to have my download link, anyways. is it safe to post that? I think the information on the screenshot are sensitive.
  10. @Pure , Thank you. Looking forward to it ?
  11. Hello I want to buy apex legend hack, but how?
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