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  • Paradox R6S will get released soon
  • Paradox PUBG Cheat is Updated & Undetected
  • Cheat works on any OS from Windows 7-10 and on Intel & AMD Processors
  • Paypal is available


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  1. please make this real!! i'd love to buy it!!
  2. damn, that's my most important parts in this program -_-
  3. ah alright then, I just want to ask first.. just in case if my account got ban then i'll buy an account from you for sure 😀
  4. do u have an account that has play record more than 1000+ hours?
  5. okay, i'll be waiting then. Will u make it on the same price as cryptocurrencies if u guys accept paypal later on? ps: please make an announcement if u guys already accept paypal. can't wait to try this 😄
  6. Hi, do u guys accept paypal for payment? because i only have paypal and im interested to buy your product. :)