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  1. I have used a wide range of pubg skills. Paradox is by far the cream of the crop. Price- 10/10 $80 is a sweet spot, cost enough to know your getting something good, but its not overprices Functionality- 10/10 Aim, player esp, player glow, item esp....and many more...all work flawlessly, haven't come across a bug yet in the smooth UI..Always easy to inject and start playing within a minute...no fps drop for me on a gtx 1070 Have had almost no issues with with my 3 months of use so far. I have had 2 manual bans from raging over the course of the 3 months, but who doesn't rage every once in a while? I have been getting 15 kills constantly on my current account (150hrs) and no issues. Its all about how you play. To be clear, Paradox has a good reputation for being UD and I can vouch. Support- 10/10 If you message admins or post in support you get a response within a day or two which is totally reasonable given that admins don't sit a the computer all day....better than many other providers. Admins are also very transparent with issues or detection that may occur. They did have an instance of detection months and months ago and they own up to it, which says something about the staff. Do not hesitate to try a month of this awesome PUBG skill. Only problem is that you will want more when your sub is out ? Also, if you are on the edge about buying and want some proof from a customer or just want to play a game or two message me ?
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