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  1. Hey Are u guys still selling your PUBG cheat? I understand Apex is down currently. I've been trying to buy from one of your paypal resellers but to no avail. P-P has no stock for the past 2-3 weeks and i've been stalking his website almost on a daily basis.
  2. hi does this mean i will get the hack automatically from u after i buy? i dont buy it on this site then, but instead will be bought from you, correct? and if i need support / help for anything, do i still come here or? thanks
  3. i will be paying using paypal. does it make it faster or slower?
  4. ah i see, that is fine. how long does it take to receive the hack once i make payment? how long does set up take usually? thanks!
  5. i see. thanks a lot for the quick response. do u have any 1 hr trial keys by any chance?
  6. do you plan to make it stream proof in the future? or its not necessary. one more question, about disabling antivirus, is it just while the hack is being used or i have to pretty much uninstall the whole A/V?
  7. thanks for your quick response. about detection in the past, how many times did it occur? so everyone using this hack got caught in the ban wave and got banned? Not factoring manual reports by other players, how likely am i to get banned using this hack? As in how likely is the anticheat system going to catch the hack? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the PUBG hack. I do have several questions prior to purchasing, and am sorry if these questions have been addressed elsewhere, and also sorry for asking stupid questions. I''m not good with computers. 1. For the PUBG hack, is it easy to set up? Do I just open the loader, start the game, and the hack's pretty much ready to use other than to configure some settings in the menu? Or are there a lot of steps involved? 2. Has there been any bans / detection in the past? 3. From the demo video, the aimbot seems very accurate. Is that true in actual usage as well? When people spectate, would it be obvious that I am aimbotting? 4. Is it stream proof? 5. Do I need to disable / uninstall antiviruses for this cheat to run? 6. Just to confirm, paypal is accepted right? I was reading in some threads that only bitcoin is accepted, but on the main page it says paypal is accepted too, so I am bit confused. Thanks!
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