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  • Paradox R6S Cheat is out now
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  1. Please disregard this thread, I realized how garbage the game is
  2. How about some Xera survival hacks? What yall think?
  3. Interesting perspective, sent you an invite on discord btw
  4. For personal experience, I've been playing at 19 FOV, 25% smoothing, head scan with both predictions on and I have yet to get banned while getting 20~ kills every game with 5-10 salty souls spectating me each session. Clearly no one has time to look through every individual reports so at the moment apex utilizes automatic .dll detector same with EAC, which both Paradox beautifully bypasses ?
  5. Thank you lulala79 and Nano sincerely for your insights, I feel much more confident in trying out paradox now. I tried to reach _P-P_ to purchase a month subscription via PayPal/credit card, but he seems to be off at the moment, are there other trusted resellers you guys can suggest or should I wait for _P-P_ to get on? I'll gladly wait if that's the case.
  6. Hello everyone, new member here. Just wanted to ask the mods/devs and other Paradox members some questions about the product before I proceed with any purchases as I'm on the fence. I got tired of using cheap, clunky cheats from iWantCheats and was looking around for a product of higher quality and stumbled upon paradox. Paradox Apex looks amazing and promising on paper, but seeing couple people asking for HWID spoofers had me worried. But I'm guessing that most of those who were banned most likely used paradox in a very obvious manner or misinjected. What are best ways to eliminate the chance of ban besides "not going into 1v3 while 7 people are spectating"? Even if there were no obvious signs, can Paradox get detected by a manual report by an asshole who was just salty and decided to click the new manual report button in Apex? I suppose my biggest fear is dropping $100 for a month subscription and getting my main account banned within couple days of using. Thank you all for your insights and tips.
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