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  1. Sorry, if i get 1 free day i will record video and edit, i play legit in brazilian championships, so I think you'll like the next one.
  2. Not is my settings, videos It's from @DAKS I just edited For get free day and can make my total own video ?
  3. Can any Brazilian bought by BTC help me get it? It is difficult to find BTC sellers in Brazil who do not charge 100% of fees or who are not scam. Send me PM if you is brazilian and want help me buy BTC. Thx everyone
  4. 12Dora is trusted and oficial reseller, send PM for contact @12dora
  5. You can tape your name, i only want kill frags
  6. Im making fragmovie with Paradox ( But i not have cheat, i only edit ) I'll give credits for all peoples that they sent me videos. Send me your HighLights WITH PARADOX, i'll blur everyone's name. Like this :
  7. You have already received. Use this link for download loader > https://paradox.gg/board/inde...rums/topic/14-pubg-download/ Use this link if you need support > https://paradox.gg/board/index.php?/forums/forum/13-support/&do=add
  8. what last detection ? or not have ?
  9. Get detected or only secure patch ?
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