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  • Paradox R6S Cheat is out now
  • Intel & AMD Processors supported
  • Paypal is available
  • HWID Spoofer available soon
  • New Loader released please redownload


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  1. Ragou

    Apex Cheat

    Nice one. What‘s the price?
  2. Don't use scan for headshots for AR and SMG. Use Scan for body. You still have a good advantage but it will hit. 0-15 smooth you can spray up to 100 meters.
  3. Get BTC and just transact. Otherwise you can use Paypal via reseller look announcements (linked) You can use Coinbase, Anycoindirect or whatever for BTC. After that you can subscribe here
  4. Fortnite would be interesting. Some rumors said 100€ a month. Is the Fornite hack going to have a lifetime subscription?
  5. What's about their CS:GO Liga cheat? I am pretty sure they had a ESEA/FaceIt cheat.
  6. @Pure Are you going to release all auxilium cheats or only R6S?
  7. That‘s why fortnite cheats are always more expensive. ? And the last Poll on this site has shown that fortnite is the most wished game to cheat in. And at least you can just make a new account after a banwave. So there are some good arguments for a fortnite hack but anyway it‘s the decision of paradox admins. ? would really like to have some official informations. P.s.: I really dunno why some textparts are taller then the rest. I don‘t want to highlight or smht.
  8. I‘ll bet they thought about it before they announced it. They seems to take their security serious since they only accept BTC.
  9. Since this thread is now 4 Months old I would like to ask if the fortnite hack is still in progress and any roughly ETA?
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